Dog Friendly

How dog friendly are we?

Norfolk is a really dog friendly place, which is why we are happy for you to bring your doggy family members. Well it wouldn’t be a holiday without them would it? Here are some guidelines to help you decide if this is the right place for your pets holiday as well as your own.

You and your dog can enjoy the Norfolk beaches

  • We ask that you bring your pet’s bed and bedding to provide a familiar environment in otherwise strange surroundings. If they normally sleep in a crate, then bring it along.
  • At all the properties we provide a water bowl, some spare poop bags and a small edible treat for your pet.
  • It’s a good idea to bring sufficient towels and rugs to dry and clean your pet and to protect floors etc. The beach is pure sand, and the sea very wet, so you can guarantee your pet will have a whale of a time getting sandy and wet and expecting you to clean him up afterwards! We do ask that you keep them off the beds as the sand stains the bedlinen and the hairs are very difficult to remove.
  • We ask that they do not go on the furniture. We appreciate that doesn’t suit everyone, hence we draw your attention to it now.
  • Please be considerate to other guests and owners by making sure that you clean up after your dog. We do provide some poop bags if you run out or forget to pack them.
  • It’s always a good idea to ensure that your dog has been properly treated for fleas/worms before you arrive! You wouldn’t want to leave any of those pesky critters behind to upset the next guests, now would you?
  • If you want to go out for the day to somewhere that your furry friend isn’t welcome, then you can book Doggy Day Care from some of the options here.
  • Check our dogs on beaches page for more information about dogs along this stretch of the Norfolk coastline.
  • North Norfolk District Council has Public Space Protection Orders in various areas. Click on the link for more details.
  • Please DO NOT leave your dog alone in the properties at any time, unless it is crated and will happily be left without getting anxious. No-one wants unhappy dogs or damaged properties!
  • The terraced decking outside each Rainbows End Park cottage has a secure (bolted) gate to ensure a safe area to allow your pet some freedom, whilst safely enclosed. A very small dog may be able to get between the spindles, please check.
  • The park rules are that dogs must be on a lead within the park. You can let them off for a great run around on the beach!
  • Bramble Cottage has an enclosed paved courtyard garden, surrounded by a mixture of fencing, hedges and some trellis.
  • Cromer Flint Cottage has a secure enclosed paved courtyard garden with fencing from approx 5’7″ and higher.
  • If you’re venturing into the beautiful countryside, then do follow the Countryside Code for dogs.
  • There is a small charge to cover the extra cleaning required to ensure our properties are maintained at the high standard we try to offer. One or two dogs can stay, depending on the property, for just £20 per break. If you have more than two dogs, please send us an email with a few more details about their breed and sleeping arrangements and we’ll certainly consider your request.
  • We do not accept puppies under one. Please contact us before making a booking with a puppy.
  • Finally, if you have any lovely photos of your dogs enjoying their holiday then we’d love to see them and use them on our social media.

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