A new website

Well that is certainly something to shout about! After months and months of work, my new website, which also incorporates this blog, finally went live in September 2014. Now my blog posts can be seen and read by you instead of talking to myself as I have been so far!

I actually started this new site back in 2011, but didn’t get very far. I just couldn’t get my head around what seemed to be the complexities of wordpress. Yet everyone was out there creating blogs and websites by the thousands! Why couldn’t I?

Norfolk beaches dogs and blogs

I gave up and started researching website designers, thinking I would get someone to design me one instead. I got recommendations and quotes, yet something still held me back. The website is such an intrinsic part of my business, I needed to feel it would reflect me, not the ideas of a designer. Fast forward to early 2014. A friend started to try and help me find my way through the maze of wordpress. The fog lifted a little.

One day I was on twitter, networking on #norfolkhour. Norfolk Hour happens three times a week between 8.30 and 9.30pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  A website designer was on there and I wanted to ask a question, but I couldn’t do it in 140 characters. I asked if it was ok to email him and lo and behold a conversation ensued. The designer in question was Ian of EggCup Web Design. He answered all my questions and more. He saw that I had some technical ability and suggested that he could offer word press training. Suddenly the way forward seemed clear. As a control freak, I could keep full control but would have a technical guru on hand for whenever I needed help. Bingo!

We thrashed the basics out and off we went on this journey of discovery.  What a learning curve it’s been and probably will never stop, but hopefully I can rest on my laurels a little now the site is up and running. I’m sure I will continue to tweak, add new content and all sorts, but at least I’m not embarrassed to show this little baby off. It’s certainly been more than nine months in the making!

So for a holiday in Norfolk, look no further than my new site for an insight into dog friendly Norfolk, its beautiful beaches and my blog, here at www.norfolkcoastalholidays.co.uk and you’ll find Ian at EggCup Web Design.

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